Baby Chick's Best Gifts for Moms and Moms-to-Be


As someone who's rounding nine months pregnant (...and I do mean "rounding"), I'm always on the lookout for great products that will make my life easier.

Enter Baby Chick, my all-time new favorite blog of life. Run by total mom-boss, baby planner, postpartum doula, and educator Nina Spears, it's quickly become my go-to blog for all things mom and baby.


I'm beyond psyched that Port and Polish was chosen to be featured as part of Baby Chick’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!  


Click through to check out all of the amazing featured products, including BOB Rambler StrollerSOPHi Nail PolishJon Hart ToteTreehut WatchSonnet JamesThread Paper GoodsLe Tote, Britax B-FREE Travel System.



Megan Wan

Founder, Port and Polish

Megan Ranney