Introducing Port and Polish

Blue pillbox with coffee and croissant

Two years ago, I spent a long, frustrating weekend out of town juggling a ziplock bag of vitamins, a giant bottle of fish oil pills, a blister pack of birth control, and an orange bottle of prescription medication.

When I came home, I decided I had to make my life easier. I figured a seven-day pill box would make traveling more simple, cut down on clutter, and help me remember to take my pills.

As anyone who's bought a pill box knows, there was nothing for sale that I even remotely wanted to be seen carrying. Not only were all the pill boxes I saw bulky and poorly designed, they also looked like a walking advertisement that I was carrying around a box of pills.

Online was no better. I searched every combination of "pillbox," "pill box," "pill case," "pill organizer," and "pillcase" (not a real word, it turns out) that I could think of, and nothing.

I couldn't understand why no one had designed a cute pillbox that people like me could throw in their gym bag or take to work and not feel weird about. After all, everyone I knew took some sort of pill at least semi-regularly - whether it was daily, like prescription medication or supplements and vitamins, or something they carried "just in case," like pills for migraines or lactose intolerance.

So with nothing else out there, I decided to design it myself. And after a few long years of development, here we are! I’m so happy to have created an elegant, stylish pillbox that’s both modern and sleek - something I’m happy to own and I hope you will be, too.

Thank you so much for visiting, and please reach out if you have any questions or comments! 


Megan Wan

Founder of Port and Polish

Megan Ranney